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How i got my passion for animals

My name is Violett and im 34 years old. My mother is dutch and my father is Hungarian. Im the result of a holiday love affair with a slight communication problem (my father only spoke a few words english, and condom was not one of them).

I left home at the age of 18 to get married with a charming dutch boy (at that time i thought that was enough) but after a year i was as restless as a litter of young kittens hihi...what resulted in him finding me in bed with the neighbors wife. This ended up in a divorce so i decided to move to Hungary where i discovered my love for animals.

My dogs, my movies, my private site!

Sometimes i just love to suck horsecocks

When i took a train to Budapest i got company from a handsome man that helped me out to get all my travelling papers in order with the Hungarian customs (they are scary guys). After the train was on his way he joined me in my compartment for a drink and in no time we talked like old friends. At the end he invited me to his farm for the weekend and offcourse i said yes.

When i arrived at the farm we had a drink in his giant garden. He introduced me to his mares and horses and asked me i a was a open minded woman. When i told him i was a former pornstar i saw the twinkling in his eyes. I cant remember exactly wat happened next but in no time i was lying on the ground with a horsecock in my mouth!

I am Violett and i love to suck dogcocks!

How i made my first animalsex movie

I had been dating for some weeks with the man i met in the train and within 3 weeks i was maried to Tibor and all his kinky wishes and demands. On our wedding night he made me watch him fuck a dog and after that made me suck it (juicy hard cock). Lost for life from that moment i think!

We went back to the netherlands 4 months later and rented a small cottage with a few stables and in no time we collected a live stock of our own (1 donkey, 1 pony and 2 dogs) and a video camera for Tibors birthday. He taped every move i made and not soon after that we produced our first homemade dogsex movie.

I am Violett, they call me the smutt goddess!

Violett goes for dog blowjobs

We gathered a lot of friends around us whom think a lot like us (found heaven on earth). A few productions down the road we have 2 stallions, 3 pony's, a flock of goats, 1 cow, a donkey, 1 sow and 4 dogs. Tibor decided to team up with one of the best european hardcore porn producers on the internet at the moment.

To be honest im very spoiled, loving sexy people surrounding me in the hours and i have a lot of furry friends to play with and through my own sit thousands of sweet friends all over the planet. This movie is one of my favorites. You can see me having sex fun with a big dane. He is a very sweet animal and his giant cock makes me squirt everytime!